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Mexican Roots, modern twist

The idea is to fuse old-world cooking techniques with modern touches.”

- Maria Aldana

Even though Aldana first opened its doors in 2020, owner Maria Aldana has been focused on serving authentic Mexican cuisine since she opened her first restaurant, Las Cazuelas Grill, in 2006.

Located inside a gas station, Las Cazuelas Grill offered homemade food with quick and causal service. Following its success, Maria went on to open two more locations in 2013 and 2016.

When it came time to open another location, Maria wanted to keep the same focus Las Cazuelas Grill had on authentic and homemade Mexican food, but add a modern, fine-dining approach.

This is where Aldana’s Mexican Bar & Grill was born.

Maria Aldana


This place is very authentic. What we want is for the customers, as soon as they get through the door, we want them to experience Mexico.

Everything we’ve done in the business is done with heart. We do everything with passion. Family encouraged me to open up a business in the family tradition of getting together and cooking. It’s based upon a traditional family meal.

I want people to know that there's not only horses, and cactuses and sombreros in Mexico, there's more than that. Mexican plazas are where magical things happen and family and community come together.

There's a lot more art and we can give the message of art through flowers, through colors, glass and textures.

Nabil Ashi


Aldana Mexican Bar & Grill brings the excitement of stepping into an authentic Mexican plaza to the metro Detroit area. It’s a full sensory experience, with al pastor pork roasting in the open kitchen, terra cotta flooring and the sound of live mariachi music.

A kiosko of the finest bottles welcomes tequila aficionados to Aldana.

With 160 bottles in house and an agave-centric cocktail program, the bar is well positioned to become the Detroit area’s premier tequila destination.  

From the delicious signature or street tacos, to fajitas made with chicken from Amish farms, grass-fed beef or the freshest shrimp, the flavors are authentic to old-world Mexico and the quality of each dish is ensured through every ingredient. It’s all regionally sourced through the finest farms and most-reputable distributors.

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We offer franchise opportunities with dine-in formal service to casual service.

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